KORE Digital Cash

Your Gateway to Digital Cash and Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions for Banks and Payment Networks

Offer domestic or cross-border payment and settlement solutions through Digital Cash, Central Bank Digital Currencies or 100+ Cryptocurrencies enabled by KORE Digital Cash and connected to KORE DANE.


Multi-Currency Payment System

Offer a one-stop shop wallet payment solution allowing customers to pay with 100+ Cryptocurrencies among conventional money and securely store and move digital assets through KORE DANE. All PCI DSS compliant.
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Digital Cash as a Service

Offer Digital Cash to your network with KORE's PSD2 compliant stablecoin solution to enable DvP or PvP. Pick a collateralization partner and run your stablecoin an any blockchain or DLT.
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Digital Asset
Network Engine

We conceptualised Digital Asset Network Engine DANE to combine two major market requirements, uncompromising SaaS banking platform from the cloud and seamless access to a high performance digital asset environment.


Digital Asset Network Engine

Access applications connected to KORE's Digital Asset Network Engine and banking platforms
of the cloud.
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KORE Invest

Tokenize and service digital assets or raise funds through KORE Invest. Buy or sell assets 24/7 on markets connected to our platform.
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