KORE Invest

Your access to issuance and trading of digital assets 24/7 across private and public markets.

Issue tokenized securities (Digital Assets) or any other physical or digital underlying. Service corporate actions from one cockpit and have full control over the investors. Securely buy and sell cryptocurrencies or digital assets and transfer ownership.

KORE Invest

Issuance Platform

Issue Digital Assets from a range of templates at KORE's platform and perform lifecycle management. Reduce time spent on price discovery between the investor an issuer through manual book-building processes. Settle transactions with digital cash, enabling fully automated "Delivery versus Payment" processes.
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Digital Asset Exchange Connector

KORE's platform is connected to digital asset exchanges in order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in deep liquid markets. KORE's connector allows to plug-in further digital asset exchanges in a fully regulated environment. Our flexible architecture allows to customise access to secondary markets.
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Digital Asset
Network Engine

We conceptualised Digital Asset Network Engine DANE to combine two major market requirements, uncompromising SaaS banking platform from the cloud and seamless access to a high performance digital asset environment.


Digital Asset Network Engine

Access applications connected to KORE's Digital Asset Network Engine and banking platforms
of the cloud.
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Deploy digital cash and crypto payment solutions to settle securities transactions or cross-border payments in real-time.
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