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KORE Products

Key Management & Custody

Inherently digital assets are faced with different threats where physical barriers do not suffice. They require a new concept of safekeeping and secure access and transfer. Only multi-layered security concepts combining latest hardware technology and clever software and process design enable the level of security and user-friendliness required for digital assets. The custody solution is available as open api and can thus be integrated into third-party systems. Various integrations into core banking systems are available.

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Node as a Service

Running a full node allows interaction with a blockchain with the highest security for data and transactions. However, hosting nodes is becoming increasingly challenging due to blockchain size and complexity of installation and maintenance. Outsourcing node management reduces costs, time investments and risks for our clients. With our Nodes Service we provide our clients with a reliable, fast, and hyper-secure gateway to blockchain and DLT systems while taking care of forks and updates and making blockchain data available to you for analytics and reporting.

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PrimusX200 HSM

Securing blockchain systems and crypto assets has never become easier than with the Securosys Primus Blockchain HSM. Built on top either the Primus X-Series and E-Series general purpose HSM it brings additional unique functionality to the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It provides multi-signature and multi-authorization functionality as well as blockchain algorithms and functions in a secure hardware platform. This allows the application (and its programmers) to focus on business functionality, while blockchain security and key access is managed by the Blockchain HSM.

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