November 2020

What does it mean to push technological boundaries?

We are pushing technological boundaries and create the most secure product offering. Get to know how.

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We are pushing technological boundaries. Our own datacenters are based on IBM LinuxOne Serves. This creates Trusted Execution Environments for each clients that guarantee unparalleled security. Get to know more.

September 2020

An Innovative Mind – Washington Post

Inspired by a lifelong curiosity about how everything works—from personal computers to global infrastructure—Thomas Taroni begins and ends each day with an innovative approach to problem-solving.
October 2021

At last a solution to fight Luxury Goods counterfeits

KORE Technologies has developed an ideal solution for the luxury industry to fight the growing menace of counterfeiting and theft by protecting a product’s identity throughout its lifetime.
September 2020

Digitale Assets hinter virtuellen Tresortüren

Digitale Werte stellen neue Anforderungen an sichere Aufbewahrung. KORE entwickelt Technologien für das Management von kryptographischen Schlüsseln und befähigt so zu diesem Paradigmenwechsel.