Our server infrastructure in
swiss data centers

Together with sister company Phoenix Systems we operate a total of three IBM Linux ONE Servers at different geolocations in Switzerland equipped with additional security hardware

Georedundant Hardware
Infrastructure in Switzerland

Two of our servers are located in data centers in Lupfig and Schlieren, Switzerland. They're equipped with identical hardware so that they can function as seamless counterparts of one another.​

IBM LinuxONE Servers

The LinuxONE Rockhopper II server is able to scale to 2 million containers and handle up to 850 million encrypted transactions per day.

Securosys HSM

The Hardware Security Module (HSM) we chose is the Primus Blockchain HSM by Securosys. We use the device to generate, store and manage private keys of dozens of blockchain & DLT protocols applying the banking-grade security standards to meet our clients needs. The outstanding quality of this device is underlined by its FIPS 140-2 LEVEL 3 certification.

Backup in the Swiss Alps

Mount10 is a collection of data centers in multiple locations of the Swiss alps. They serve as a complete backup of all data present on our other data centers.

Infrastructure KORE

Quality Assurance
& Certification

KORE's complete hardware stack is operated by Phoenix Systems, it's sister company. Phoenix Systems develops quality software and operates corresponding infrastructure for over 12 years for large corporates and government institutions. Most of its developments are hosted in its own Tier 4 datacenters. Providing software, hardware and maintenance from one source guarantees unparalleled reliability, security and efficiency for our client’s solutions.​The Phoenix Systems Infrastructure complies with ISO 27001 and is audited according to ISAE 3402. Technology is only sourced from certified partners such as IBM, Green Datacenters and Securosys.
ISO 27001
KORE has implemented quality management processes regar-ding information security based on the international standard ISO 27001. This ensures the highes security for all information assets we hold.
ISAE 3402
The International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3402 certifies that the level of our internal controls are at its best to serve our clients in a fully compliant way.
FINMA Circular 8/2018
KORE is fully compliant with the FINMA circular regarding outsourcing of services from banks in Switzerland.