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Identities & Assets

KORE integrates customers' large-scale systems with its extensive experience, AI and Hyper Protect infrastructure. This enables fully automated, digitally generated certificates of authenticity and ownership.

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Identitäten & Vermögenswerte

KORE integriert mit umfassenden Erfahrung und Hyper Protect Infrastruktur die Grosssysteme der Kunden zur vollautomatisierten Erstellung von fungiblen oder nicht fungiblen Token. 

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Uncompromised security

«Rather than assuring companies that their data is protected through policies, we can prove that it simply isn’t possible for us to access it. Clients have total control over their own environment — they get their own smart card and cryptographic keys.»
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Highest performance

Starting in 2007 Phoenix Systems have been developing intelligent IT architectures without equal: the architectures are completely modular, extremely efficient and fully aligned to clients’ needs.

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Digital Certificates – Forgery-proof products

Digital certificates

Forgery-proof products

Increase the value of your brand and save costs thanks to AI automation.

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Digital Assets – Invest with one click


Invest with one click

Thanks to our tokenization, all types of investments are becoming more accessible and available to a wider range of investor groups.

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Simply prove your identity

We offer the highest level of digital trust as an alternative to conventional proof of identity.

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Kore is for you

our Expertise

Financial Institutions

Banks and intermediaries get access to a one-stop shop solution to issue, verify, move, service and store digital assets, all seamlessly integrated into banking platforms from the cloud.

Market Places

Plug-in KORE's B2B2C wallet payment and custody solution to enable a fully new customer experience, while eliminating counterparty risk and settle transactions in real-time.

Payment Networks

Offer cryptocurrency or digital cash payment solutions for domestic or cross-border payments to your customers. Access new customer segments and revenue streams.


Use our Big Data and Machine Learning engine KORE INSIGHTS to derive information from blockchain's growing list of record for financial intelligence.


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