Digital identities

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Offer a convenient and secure proof of identity that is as trustworthy as a passport or driver's license with our hyper security solutions.

Create identity

Each person is digitally registered, and their identity is checked.

Generate certificate

The person's digital certificate is created on the blockchain.

Identify yourself

A fully digitalized identity check enables easy verification.

As digital as your customers

Advantages at a glance

Hi, Cloud Workplace
Digital identification
People can easily identify themselves digitally, sign and log in thanks to an unmanipulatable blockchain certificate.
Communicate safely
All persons can communicate in secured logged-in spaces, with the ability to exchange and publish all kinds of data with each other.
Easy to find – quick to do
Every service can be easily found and quickly completed with our search-based "digital workplace". Available on end-device web browsers.
Protecting privacy
Our digital hyper security solutions set a new standard in Swiss data protection, with its particularly strict laws. This is thanks to blockchain and end-to-end encryption.

data security

Made in Switzerland

All systems are based on our high-security data centers, which KORE operates at various locations within Switzerland. Offering software and hardware from a single source is our unique selling point that generates unparalleled efficiency and security.

KORE Technologies' hyper security solutions are ISO certified, tested and approved according to relevant security standards.

"Proof of identity requires the highest level of data protection, which we ensure with our Hyper Security solutions."

Carla Bünger CEO

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