Digital certificate

Counterfeit protection for your product

Our Swiss blockchain solution makes your products counterfeit-proof. This strengthens the credibility of your brand and saves you money.

Digitize products

Your individual products are digitally recorded by a QR code, NFC chip or other technologies.

Generate certificate

The product's digital certificate is created on the blockchain.

Available in the Wallet

The certificate is immediately available as a digital twin in the customer's wallet.

As digital as your customers

Advantages at a glance

Hi, Cloud Workplace
Digital identification
Thanks to blockchain technology, your product becomes digitally identifiable for you and your customers.
Secure history access
Your customers get secure access to the history of the product they buy, whether it is first or second hand.
Ultimate transparency
Origin, responsible sourcing and protection against counterfeiting are disclosed.

Customer proximity
The digital connection between brand and consumer creates long-lasting bonds and new communication channels.

data security

Made in Switzerland

All systems are based on our high-security data centers, which KORE operates at various locations within Switzerland. Offering software and hardware from a single source is our unique selling point that generates unparalleled efficiency and security.

KORE Technologies' hyper security solutions are ISO certified, tested and approved according to relevant security standards.

"With our certificates of authenticity and ownership, we give your company the decisive edge."

Carla Bünger CEO

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