Digital assets

Everyone can become an investor

For providers of all types of investment opportunities, our tokenization enables access to all investor groups. 

Tailor made platform

Asset management made simple

The KORE tokenization platform is aimed at asset managers who want to issue and digitally manage assets such as funds, real estate, bonds, shares, or other valuables on a regular basis. As a white-labeled solution, the platform is adapted to the appearance of the issuer and includes a highly secure wallet solution for each individual investor.


Your individual assets are recorded digitally.


The assets are issued to a broad group of investors in compliance with the law.


A fully digitalized offering process makes investing easy.

As digital as your customers

Advantages at a glance

Hi, Cloud Workplace
Broad target group
Investment providers reach a larger target audience, for financing a project, in addition to addressing crypto holders.
Low costs
Digital certificates for investments generate low administrative and transaction costs.
Easy management
If the investor wants to sell the investment, the transaction can be carried out in a few steps, quickly, decentrally and without intermediaries at any time.
Digital B2B processes
We facilitate compliance and maintain the confidentiality of the market participants involved.

data security

Made in Switzerland

All systems are based on our high-security data centers, which KORE operates at various locations within Switzerland. Offering software and hardware from a single source is our unique selling point that generates unparalleled efficiency and security.

KORE Technologies' hyper security solutions are ISO certified, tested and approved according to relevant security standards.

"Our product solutions make your asset management easier than ever!"

Carla Bünger CEO

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