Our Vision

To enable a world where financial services are run on the internet of value.

Our Mission

To help institutions and enterprises by providing them with high-performance IaaS and SaaS on decentralized systems.

We believe in the interdependence of the traditional financial system and decentralised finance. However, we strive for open and transparent finance, allowing customers to bank, pay and invest through direct access to value and ownership. ​KORE's infrastructure and platforms are the gateway to digital cash, digital assets and ownership information, all custom built to interconnect with existing systems and prepared to serve millions of customers and businesses.

We founded KORE with the vision to enable a world where financial services are run on the internet of value, hence our commitment to executing our mission is long-term.

Management Team

Carla Bünger

Founder & CEO
Board Member

Michael Guzik

Founder & CSO
Board Member

Ala Lutz

Technical Project Leader

Thomas Taroni

Founder & CTO
Board Member

Robert Roggenmoser

Board Member

Nicolas Buser

Quality Manager

Isabella Brom


Andrey Krivoshapov

Solution Architect

George Läubli

Business Analyst

Our Partners

Strategic partner for hyper secure servers and solutions in the financial industry.
Sister company for institutional- and enterprise cloud hosting and application management.
Strategic partner for most secure transaction signing and validation in the financial industry.